Achieve Greater Control

Control Freaks Automation is a company dedicated to excellence in the provision of electronic and electrical controls and their service. The President, Sandy Yakimchuk, has been involved in a variety of major projects and designs throughout his career. Prior to creating Control Freaks, his portfolio included the installation and commissioning of automated drilling equipment on major drilling platforms such as the Hibernia and the Shell Mars. He also created designs for unique instrumentation used by University of Alberta graduate students while he supported their academic studies in Agricultural Engineering. With the experience he has collected from many disciplines he started Control Freaks Automation in January of 2004 and has since designed and installed many major projects, including the controls used on the Caterpillar test bench at OEM Remanufacturing, a state of the art down hole tool test facility for Topco LLP and a rotary laser cutting machine for MPB Lasertech. Control Freaks has also provided many customers with responsive and efficient service and upgrades for their existing equipment.

Control Freaks Automation was established to provide industry with control solutions that are unique, effective and unavailable from any other vendor.